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why fly dance fitness®?

WE're the studio that stands out

When you become a Fly Dance Fitness® franchise owner, you will be leading the way as one of the groundbreaking franchisees in a unique market. Upon opening our doors in 2014, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an unbeatable client experience, a strong team foundation, and streamlined studio operations. Since then, Fly Dance Fitness® has gained worldwide attention with an incredible demand for new locations. We want to make your dream of owning a Fly Dance Fitness® studio a reality, which is why we offer ongoing support to our franchisees, a turnkey business solution, and affordable setup costs. With our help, you'll be able to launch in your area.


fly dance fitness® requirements


The following are required for potential Fly Dance Fitness® franchisee candidates:

  • At least $200k in capital or access to capital.

  • Access to commercial real estate of no less than 2,000 square feet for your studio location.

  • An entrepreneurial mindset

  • Must be owner operated

  • A love of fitness, dance, and a desire to change lives.

fly dance fitness® support

how we support you

Whether you're just starting out or have already established your franchise, Fly Dance Fitness® operates as a cohesive team, dedicated to delivering support in your journey. Below is what you can expect from us:

  • Turnkey business offering. 

  • Comprehensive training program designed to equip you with confidence in running your own Fly Dance Fitness® studio location.

  • Throw Down™ certification training and support, in addition to instructor training for our various fitness formats.

  • Evolving and on-going training for marketing and sales methods. 

  • Choreography and music suite.

  • & more!

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