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take class on your own schedule. watch any time! 

our dance fitness and sculpt classes will get you through your week!

frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I access the videos?

A: Click the above button and you will create a log in with Patreon. They host our Unlisted YouTube links. Newest videos are posted with the most recent video at the top. No additional app is necessary however Patreon and YouTube have free user friendly apps. 


Q: Do I have to watch the videos live or can I watch whenever I want?

A: Watch the livestreams whenever you want! You may watch live (we record 9 new livestreams every week, all in EST), and you can watch on demand. When you join you will have access to years worth of classes.


Q: What is the difference between the $19.99 and $29.99 per month option? 
A: The $29.99 membership gives you access to Tutorial and Full-Out videos to help you learn our most popular routines more quickly. You will see these routines in the Throw Down classes. We add to the collection every month and currently offer close to 60 additional videos you receive with the $29.99 membership.


Q: Am I locked into any contract with the virtual membership?
A: No. You may cancel at any time. 


Q: How am I billed?

A: You pay for a month ahead at a time. The day you sign up is the same day the following month that you will get charged, until you cancel. 


Q: Can I watch the classes on my smart tv?
A: Yes. Patreon hosts our Unlisted YouTube links. Once you open the video, you are able to cast it to whatever device you would like to view it from, including a smart tv. 


Q: How will I learn the routines? 

A: We highly recommend getting the ALL ACCESS subscription so you have additional routine tutorial videos. The best way to learn is by plugging in and showing up to class! In Throw Down we break down a new routine after the warm up in every class. You see this routine twice in the class. The rest of the routines you see, have 2-4 parts in a routine that repeat. If we go one direction with a set of moves, chances are you will see those same moves going the other direction as well. Remember, all great things take time!


Q: Where do you film the virtual classes from?

A: We film from the front (facing the class) so you get the best view of the instructor. We recommend mirroring our moves so get the most out of your workout! 


Q: What is the virtual class schedule?

A: All times are in EST. 



Saturday THROW DOWN 9:30AM*

Monday THROW DOWN 9:30AM


Tuesday THROW DOWN 5:45PM

Wednesday THROW DOWN 9:30AM

Thursday FROM THE TOP 9:30AM

Thursday THROW DOWN 5:45PM
Friday DANCE2FIT 9:30AM


*New routine for the week is introduced in Saturday classes*

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