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Life is a party. Your workout should be, too!

Fly Dance Fitness® welcomes individuals of all fitness levels to enjoy our diverse range of class formats. We take pride in fostering an environment that is not only inclusive and judgment-free but also empowers you to embrace your full potential. Our dedicated community is committed to spreading our love for fitness and dance across the nation.

Fly Dance Fitness® is more than just a studio; it's a vibrant, welcoming space where every client is embraced, accepted, and encouraged to become an integral part of our ever-expanding community. We can't wait to have you join us!

Throw Down™

The fitness format that brought you HERE. Throw Down™ is our signature high-cardio, hip-hop fitness where a brand new routine is introduced every week. Routines are choreographed by our dedicated team of instructors to provide the perfect blend of high and low impact dance routines for all fitness and skill levels. This format combines cardiovascular exercise, agility and memory retention. No dance experience necessary. Bring your good vibes and willingness to learn something new!


Dance2Fit combines fitness moves such as plyometrics and bodyweight resistance with basic hip-hop dance steps to make it fun and easy for all levels! Each routine focuses on a primary muscle group, and your instructor will break down the exercises while giving tips to maximize fitness and possible modifications.

From the Top

Match the music and step to the beat as you take it From The Top! Learn a single dance fitness routine taught at the beginning of class and pair the same routine to countless songs from all genres during the 1-hour class. Your instructor will teach the new routine of the week and the class begins practicing their choreography with slow tempo songs. The song tempo speed progresses during the hour, which leaves everyone drenched and happy at the end of class. 

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