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Dance Fitness

Dance. Sweat. Repeat.

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Throw Down

A down and dirty, booty shakin' dance fitness workout. Each class incorporates fun, funky, easy to follow repetitive choreographed moves. This format combines cardiovascular exercise, agility and memory retention. One new routine will be taught step by step in each class. No dance experience needed.


Similar to Throw Down, Dance2Fit combines fitness moves such as plyometrics and bodyweight resistance with basic hip hop dance steps to make it fun and easy for all levels! Each routine focuses on a primary muscle group, and Leslie will break down the exercises while giving tips to maximize fitness and possible modifications.

From the Top

Match the music and step to the beat as you take it From The Top! Challenge your coordination by learning a combination and dancing to a variety of music from then and now! A constant change of pace will keep you on your toes, increase your rate and by the end you will be dancing your heart out! In this class everyone starts out a beginner and by the end of class, you're having so much fun you could dance it in your sleep!


WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance based on the hottest Pop and Hip Hop music. The workout is non-stop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat.


WERQ instructors build a playlist based on trendsetting Pop and Hip Hop music. Each week, new routines are introduced so you get to WERQ the routines you know and challenge yourself with one's you're learning.

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