Crank It Up introduces customized circuit training exercises to help you build strength, rev up your metabolism, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. During this two week bootcamp style program, you will also build a unique connection with others in the FlyDance Fitness Community. Your Crank It Up coaches, Lauren and Christy, and teammates will keep you accountable toward your goals and ensure that you enjoy loads of fun (and sweat) along the way!


Change your routine and you will change your body. It is that simple, really. When you signed up for this program, we assumed you were looking for something more than the status quo. This program will definitely give you that. You will also receive daily motivational emails that will include core exercises you can do at home, nutrition tips, our favorite recipes, recovery tips, and more.

The intense schedule will help you to jumpstart your fitness regime or get out of a fitness rut. Your coaches will keep you on your toes (or heels and occasionally hands!) by changing exercises frequently, working different body parts and offering amplifications (and modifications when needed) each and every day so you never get accustomed to the workout. By changing things up and cranking up the intensity, we will cue an internal response to adapt to new conditions…and whatever life might throw your way out of the studio as well.
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